Message to Parents and Students

Welcome Parent and Students,

Thank you for choosing 1 Premium Driving School Inc., we are aware that there are many choices out there. You’ve chosen the right place to bring your child for driver’s education. Their safety is our #1 priority.

Getting a License is an important milestone toward adulthood. Learning to drive is an exciting time, but please remember it’s also a time of great responsibility. Getting behind the wheel brings great freedom and independence, but you should always remember that driving is a privilege, not a right. Each year, many people of all ages make poor decisions that result in losing their driving privileges, or worse, injuring themselves or others.

I encourage students and parents to be active learners as you progress through the Graduated Driver License classes and on-the- road training. By obeying the rules of the road, avoiding distractions like texting, and never drinking and driving, you’ll reach your destination safely and receive full driving privileges when you earn your Level 3 full license.


Kimberly Evans, Ph.D.