ADULT (18 +)


$300.00 Course includes 15 hours of class time and 5 hours of behind-the-wheel time.


$50.00 per 1 hours of behind-the-wheel time. Must have temporary permit and valid ID.

Pick-up/Drop-off is not included in the price.  You can request a quote if needed.


1 Premium Driving School has a variety of behind-the-wheel packages to choose from to fit your needs. CALL 313-862-4244 to get started.

Adult Behind-The-Wheel Lesson Fees:

Individual One-Hour BTW Lessons — $50.00 per hour

Lessons can include instruction on parallel parking, expressway, city driving, night driving, and road-test preparation.

Six-Hour BTW Package — $300.00  ⏰($275.00 NOVEMBER & DECEMBER ONLY)

Lessons will include instruction of residential, city, expressway, backing, and parking.

Twenty-Five Hour BTW package — $900.00

Great start toward the 50 hours of mandated practice requirement.

Course will include all the basics. In addition to 4 hours of nighttime driving and a two hour road trip planned by the student.

Fifty-Hour BTW Package — $1500.00

The ultimate program which meets all of the minimum state practice requirements prior to applying for a level-two license. Course will cover all of the basics, and will include six to ten hours of nighttime driving, six hours of interstate driving, a four hour road trip planned by the student, and trips to school, work, mall, and other commonly traveled routes.

Rates are for students enrolled in our driver education classes. Rates are based on pick-up and drop-off at our classroom locations. Home pick-up is available in certain areas for an additional travel fee. 1 Premium Driving School will provide a fully insured, dual controlled vehicle and a state certified instructor.